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News from the World of Science and Technology

The future is coming! Or has it already arrived? it’s hard to say, since everyday we are surprised with something new and unexpected coming our way. Scientists and engineers today are working at the fastest pace ever, only to see it passed come tomorrow. And that’s great, world around us is changing at an astonishing pace and there is no saying what the future holds. I mean, we landed on a comet last year and got some pretty exciting pictures to prove it!

Rising investments

If you want to see where the future is going, follow the money! And if it’s a sign for you as it is for us – remember when Google bought several companies including Boston Dynamics? Oh yes, and that’s not all, they acquired a “few more” big companies and started developing prototypes of smart robots. Evidenced by the test footage, they are pretty awesome! Sure, they may not be overly impressive at this stage (though, to us, they are, to be honest) but just imagine what will come of it in future years. Economy giants like Google are not crazy about investing huge amounts of money for nothing, we’re sure. And, Google is not alone, head of the Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg and famous Tesla Car maker Elon Musk are also joining the race. If you don’t know who Mr. Musk is (and we know you know about Mark Z.) let us tell you this – he’s a billionaire funding a program to send humans on Mars. Yes, the planet.

technology-and-human-communicationA.I. time?

Remember the Terminator? The rise of the self aware machines that saw humanity as a mistake that need to be wiped clean. This is a plot of many science fiction novels and movies. And now, we are starting to explore that purely fictional idea and making it reality. So much, in fact, that some of the doom scenarios are breaking from fiction into the science world. It’s one thing to hear financial giants and visionaries like Elon Musk expressing doubts about the endeavor, but the science legend Stephen Hawking too? Is there a reason to be scared? Should we disconnect and start searching for a time machine? We don’t know, but there are clear signs of advancement in the artificial intelligence sea, judging by the waves we are experiencing. So, are we really years away from smart robots and machines? Is fantasy really mixing with science? Wait and see.


For real? – you ask? Like in the movies? Well, yes and no. ARCheadsYes, as it’s just what you think it is – robotic addition to the human body, that enables people to do what they already could, but better and also – what they could not even dream about. And no – as in – it’s even better than you might have seen it in the movies. Movies usually portray the use of exoskeleton in a manner of military projects and military sci-fi soldiers of the future. But what is even better is the actual application on the physically disabled. In 2014. laws were changed to allow the use of exoskeletons in households, opposed to the old law of only allowing them to be used in hospitals and recovery centers. This is a great news many people that might find a new joy in life, and it’s not even the future. It’s happening now!